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INTRODUCING: A free guide from an expert podiatrist
All you ever wanted to know about the verruca but were too embarrassed to ask!
Lyndon Jones
Clinical Director
Total Foot Health
VERRUCAE! Painful, embarrassing and ugly. Did you know that 10-12% of the population suffer from these nasty infections?

As a podiatrist of 35 years experience I have seen that there is one skin condition that causes more embarrassment than any other. That is the verruca! I had them as a child and I was made to feel dirty by the other children and sometimes even the teachers, as if it was a fault of mine.

The verruca was ugly and I did not like having it; it hurt when I did sport. Worst thing of all was that if the teachers knew about the verruca then we were barred from sports until a confirmed inspection (more embarrassment) from the teacher gave us the all clear to return.


Things are better today but, so often, I hear that patients have been given very little empathy for their problem when trying to seek professional help. Even when help is given it is often outdated, more painful than the original verruca and ineffective.

One day I thought long and hard about the problem. I asked the question: "So what should I do to help as many people as possible get on top of their verruca?"

Well, here is the answer; I wrote an easy on the eye and easy to understand e book all about the condition. In the PDF I will help you to understand the problem and better still get on top of and get rid of the verruca, starting with home treatment that you should do. Here's the great thing- it's yours for FREE!

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